Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching up!

I have decided to start blogging again =o) I make so much stuff and I would love to share it! I have photos of everything I create, I just forget to post it, lol!

I made this with my daughter at Michaels scrapbook crop night about 2 weeks ago. It was super easy and so much fun, we had a blast! I used 3 wood letters, painted them black with acrylic paint and then glued halloween scrapbook paper to them. When they were dry, I glued halloween die cuts all around them... it tuned out great!

When we got home, I hung up the letters underneath the frame my daughter made while we were there. She made it by just "messing around" at first, but then she kept getting creative and adding more until it was a masterpiece! I am keeping it forever!

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