Thursday, March 31, 2011

Altered Canvas Art

I made this out of 16x20 canvas, acrylic craft paint, scrapbook paper, photos from an internet search of grapes, a quote I found on the internet, chaulk ink, Mod Podge rhinestones, ribbon, artifical grapes and leaves.

I layered the ribbon with the sheer on the bottom and the solid on the front. The scrapbook paper in the background is 12x12. I put MOD PODGE on the back of it and glued it on. The grape bunch was sewn on the canvas with invisible stretch magic thread.

I tore the sides of the images and the quote and then inked the edges with brown chaulk ink. The piece on the bottom is a part that I tore off and I thought it looked good as part of the piece. These pieces were MOD PODGED on the backs to glue them on.

When the Mod Podge dried on the backs, I poured Mod Podge on the front, 2 layers, completly drying inbetween layers. This gave it a finished, glossy look.

I glued grape leaves and grape on the corners with hot glue. The ribbon is stapld to the back canvas stretch bars.

I put these piece in my kitchen since I love the Tuscan decor and I love wine and grapes. I ended up hanging it on my red wall, next to a piece the Floral Designer at my Michaels store created for me.

Thanks for looking at my project!


My kitty cat, isn't she adorable?!!! Font: Angelic Wars Kit: Misc pieces from Carrie Stephens Kits

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sophie Sleeping

Fonts: Smudger, Ginga Kit: Carrie Stephens, CSTEPHENS_Spontaneous-Delight

This is a page I made of my little Sophie napping. She is so cute, I wish I could sleep like that! Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride Scrapbook Page

Fonts: Abite, ST List, Segeo Script

Kit from the Shabby Princess, Autumn
Glitter Flourish from Carrie Stephens Spontaneous Delight Kit

This is from my first Hot Air Balloon Ride with my husband last weekend,
March 12, 2011. We had such a great time! I can't wait to do it again.

Thanks for looking!

My Family Tree

I made this family tree as part of the Compendium of Couriositis Challenge at Studio L3 but it took me too long to make to enter the challenge. I love how this turned out! I have plans to frame it and maybe add a title or phrase. I purchased most items at Michaels:
* Tim Holtz Fragments
* Tim Holtz Alcohol ink
(added to the green paint for more texture effects)
* Glossy Accents
* 16x20 canvas
* Chaulk Ink
* Acrylic Paint
* Wire
* Leaves (these were given to me, Michaels sold them a long time ago.)
* Stretch beading string, clear
* E6000 (to glue the leaves)

I painted the canvas edges green and the middle a champaigne metallic beige. I just kept playing with it until I liked the center shape, where the tree will go. When the green color was dry, I used Alcohol ink around the edges to give it a bit dirty look and to add a bit of darker green to it. I can't tell I used the Alcohol ink very much, but I did and it is the look I liked.

I printed the photos as wallet size through . I put the Glossy Accents on the fragments and the placed on the photo. I let them dry overnight and then trimmed to fit.
I then cut about 10 pieces of wire a little bit shorter than the canvas. I twisted the wire in the middle to form the trunk and then formed the branches and the roots.

I sewed the tree onto the canvas with the clear, stretch beading thread to secure it. Then, I sewed the fragments onto the branches. I put my family on on side of the tree and my husbands on the other side. I glued the leaves onto the fragment to hide the thread and I glued leaves all around to fill the empty spaces. While gluing, I moved the branches into better positions so none of the faces was blocked.

I really like how this turned out! I am going to date it and add some more, I will update this post when I do but I wanted to share with you my little masterpiece. This was a lot of fun because I didn't use a pattern or template, I just thought about what I would like and took it from there. I am usually looking for inspiration around the web but this time I looked to my family and was inspired!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride

My husband and I went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride this last weekend. We have never been on one before, so this was a new adventure. I made the shadowbox above with a picutre the took of us in the basket, a picture of the balloon and the champaigne glasses we drank out of that are etched with information from the company.

It was hot! Now, I know why they say to dress light! There were 8 passengers and the pilot. I did video tape most of it, although my video taping skills have always been lacking, lol! Lots of ground shots and a few too many shots that make my tummy dizzy.

It was so calming to go up and it wasn't scarey! I hardly noticed when we went up to 2500 feet. The scenery was amazing and the mountains are so pretty. This was fun and I would definitely go up again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Charm Bracelet

I bought this book about 4 years ago because I loved the bracelet on the front cover and I wanted to make it someday. Well, I have finally decided to try it:

I was always intimidated by it but when I started working on it, I couldn't believe how easy it was to do!

I added my own small details to it, like putting 2 pearls on each charm and adding a crystal charm in each bundle.

This was worth the wait and the time! I love it and I have plans to make more.

Let me know what you think!