Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Show Demos

These are a couple of the demos I created for the SABA Home & Patio Show last week. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the wood LOVE centerpiece or the configuration tray I complete, they where my favorites! I was so nervous about doing the demo, I completely forgot to take photos! Who would have thought I would forget. Oh well, I will have to make more!

This demo was with Cricut Vinyl. I made this for our Michaels to use at future demos. This is an 18x24 frame with silver poster paper inside to make it look like a mirror. The actual project I demonstated involved the Destinations cart. I cut out the Paris Eifel Tower and used a 16x20 frame with scrapbook paper inside. Very cool but again, no photos.... aye!

This demo was of altered canvas. I loved making this! I used craft paint, stickers, a ballerina poster, scrapbook paper, bling and lots of toole!

I had a terrific time doing the demo but I learned my lesson with no photos!

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